As soon as an evening on the town becomes a night in jail thanks to a drunk driving arrest, it’s ideal to hire a DUI lawyer whenever possible. It’s only with the aid of an expert Pennsylvania drunk driving lawyer a defendant can hope to get the charges against them reduced or dropped. Act now in the event that you were arrested for DUI in Bucks County or the surrounding region.

Do You Really Need a Drunk Driving Attorney?

Perhaps you were out with a bunch of buddies and didn’t understand how impaired you had been. The authorities pulled over and administered field sobriety tests. Dependent on the results of those evaluations, you were arrested and booked in the jail. It sounds to be an open and closed case. Is it worth going to the trouble and cost of selecting a Bucks County DUI lawyer?

Employing a Pennsylvania drunk driving attorney is always a good idea when you’re arrested. No matter how confident you are that you were in the incorrect and the authorities are you dead to rights, you shouldn’t plead guilty without at least consulting with an attorney. It is not uncommon for a DUI defense attorney to have the ability to receive the charges against their customer dropped or reduced, especially in the instance of a first-time criminal lawyer. Even people who’ve been convicted of a DUI before may find themselves getting a lighter sentence thanks to the efforts of their Bucks County drunk driving lawyer. Considering the potential consequences of a guilty plea, you truly can’t afford to risk not defending yourself.

Penalties for Drunk Driving in Pennsylvania

Even for a first-time drunk-driving crime the penalties are serious. The sentencing guidelines for a first offense allow for between four days and six months in jail together with penalties of up to $1,000. The penalties only get tougher for third, second and subsequent offenses. Sentences of up to 16 months, fines of up to $18,000 plus a four-year license suspension are all possible.

Defendants who are convicted of drunk driving crimes in Pennsylvania face even more long-term consequences. Some people today lose their jobs as a consequence of the certainty or the loss of their driving privileges. Others might find that employers deny their application after learning of the conviction. It’s genuinely on your best interests to do whatever you can to combat the DUI charges you’re facing. There’s no such thing as”just pleading guilty.” That guilty plea may have far-reaching consequences that you might not be aware of or might not fully comprehend.

Defenses into Pennsylvania DUI Charges

Luckily, those who have been arrested on DUI charges in Bucks County might get an chance to have the charges against them dropped if they work with a defense lawyer. Drunk driving attorneys like those at this business are exceptionally adept at conducting an independent investigation. This means that they will discuss every facet of your arrest. They will interview you and some other witnesses along with thoroughly reviewing the police report of your arrest.

Frequently, this investigation uncovers evidence which can allow you to get your DUI charges dropped or reduced. Maybe the arresting officer violated your Constitutional rights, failed to administer the field sobriety tests properly or acted without probable cause. Defenses may also incorporate malfunctioning Breathalyzer gear or severe weather conditions which might have influenced your ability to comply with the instructions for sobriety tests. When this type of evidence is not uncovered, your attorney can depend on a clean criminal background and solid reputation to help get the charges against you diminished. There are various opportunities for improving your position, but you won’t know any of them if you don’t get a Bucks County DUI attorney now.

Start Working With a Qualified Bucks County Drunk Driving Attorney

It’s important to act fast when you are facing DUI charges in Pennsylvania. The sooner you retain legal representation, the earlier your attorney can start an investigation and begin negotiations with the District Attorney. Do not wait to search for an attorney before your court date. This may severely restrict your attorney’s ability to get the best possible outcome for you, and it might just prolong this hard, stressful experience.

Whenever you are facing DUI charges in Bucks County, you will need a capable, experienced lawyer fighting for you. The professionals at this firm have helped dozens of individuals maintain their driver’s permits and their personal and professional reputations. Drunk driving charges don’t define you and they do not have to shape the rest of your life. You can execute an active part in getting back control of your life by hiring one of those experienced DUI attorneys at this company.

Every moment is significant when your day in court is looming. That’s the reason you need to employ a DUI defense lawyer who’s effective, confident and proficient. Contact us today to begin fighting for your rights and your future. A drunk driving attorney can help you recover your life and your standing.

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